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"I'm loving the curriculum. What an eye opener compared to the way I was trading before! This has been the most gratifying investment I've made yet, I'm so happy I made the leap. If you're on the fence, you just gotta do it."


"There's so much marketing, so much hype out there but there's really no substitution for learning to trade and learning the skillset. Danny teaches the real things to be successful."


"They have a supportive community and if you need help they're always there to help you - you're never alone. Their strategies make it so even if you end up losing trades, you're still profitable."

Want to become a

 6+ figure day trader?


Want to become a

 6+ figure day trader?

Our Process:


We turned the guesswork of starting/growing a trading career into a science. Start from day 1 with proven tools, software, tracking and reporting that builds a solid foundation for your trading.

Mindset + Psychology

Our mentorship will help you eliminate fear and greed from your trading, for good. We'll help you develop monk-like discipline so you can robotically follow your trade plan, every day. 


Follow practical step-by-step instruction and become a master of our low risk, high reward trading strategy. The result? You spend less time on the charts and make more money.

Monetization + Scaling

Follow our 5-Step Monetization and Scaling System to get funded on six figure accounts, stay funded, then scale to 7 figures. 🚀 

Want to become a

 6+ figure day trader?


Can I still sign up for the services even if I’m a newbie?

Yes, 100%. As long as you have a trading account, MT4 downloaded, and a basic understanding of placing orders, you can trade with us.

I’m already trading. Why should I trade with EasyFX?

Unlike most retail traders, we are consistently profitable and we trade smart money concepts, meaning we trade with the banks and institutions that control the market. For you, this means less risk, greater reward, and increased consistency in profit. 

What broker should I trade with?

You’re welcome to use any broker you’d like, but we recommend using a trusted broker that offers high leverage. To use our trusted broker, click here (https://tinyurl.com/tradingbroker) or email brokers@easyfxtrading.com for specific guidance and information. 

If I need help, where should I go?

The EasyFX team is here to help, and available every step of the way to make sure you get the best results. Reach out to our support team at support@easyfxtrading.com with any questions. We are here for you! 🙂 

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